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Bye Bye Dennis

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Some day you will wake up and finallly realize that you are not the God and Savior of the residential world and your brain will implode to the pin-head you are.

Don't go away mad, JUST GO AWAY.

Dennis wrote:

I think I've said enough. I give up and you guys deserve what you get. Personally, I'll stay off this list as I'm sure you, Rick Drake and others would prefer I do. Have fun and enjoy your codes. When you design in my neck of the woods and I receive your plans for review - be prepared to defend your design if it does not meet my interpretation. That's what defective codes are for and be sure to pat the backs of those you praise as you resubmit multiple times until you get it right - to my interpretation of the code.
Regards and Salutations.
Dennis S. Wish, PE

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