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Re: Unbonded braces

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Thanks for your response Mark.
Yes, these are the braces I refer to.  I am studying the Japanese and English papers obtained from MCEER. 
I am new to the concept at this time but am reviewing a number of sources.  I found your company mentioned in the Bennett Building (Salt Lake City) article recommending their use in the US.
Some comment on your experiences with them would, no doubt, be enlightening.  Maybe you have some papers or records on design/site issues etc?  If they are readily available, I would relish the opportunity to peruse them.

Thor A Tandy  P.Eng, MIPENZ
Victoria BC
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I have worked on several projects where unbonded braces were used.  Just to
be sure that we are talking about the same thing, unbonded braces are a
type of buckling restrained brace that has been patented by Nippon Steel of
Japan.  Their unbonded brace consists of a flat plate brace (the core)
within a grout filled HSS.  The grout and the core are separated by an
unbonding agent to keep the core from shedding load into the grout and HSS.

BRBF (buckling restrained braced frame) design provisions are currently in
the works and may show up in the 2003 NEHRP Recommended Provisions.  They
have been considered by most to have about the same performance as an EBF.