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Re: Politics and the List

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If  I can simplify, the rules (in order of importance) should be:

1)  No personal attacks.  (Limited self depreciation is OK.)

2)  Seek understanding.

3)  Less is often more.

4)  Agreement is optional and may not be possible.

5)  The informal debate is on issues related to structural engineering, so try not to stray too far.

(Sorry for breaking rule #3, but I couldn't make the list shorter.)

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From: "Glenn Otto"
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 12:40:15 -0400
Subject: Politics and the List


I think information on the politics behind laws and codes that affect structural engineering can be useful.  We as engineers should be able to discuss things reasonably while disagreeing.  I don?t think it should be nasty or insulting.  I also don?t think it should get too politically broad.  Honest debate with as many facts as you have is a must.  If we cannot discuss out in the open what goes on in committees then things get covered up.  As examples, Bill P. and Dennis W. disagree vehemently, but at least they are trying to be honest with themselves and the forum.  I think the political side should stay with the fact-backed opinions on the details of the particular issue, but stay away from philosophies such as religion, socialism vs. capitalism, etc.


And while I am at it, I appreciate everyone?s contributions to the list, I have learned a lot.


My 1.9 cents worth.


Glenn C. Otto, P.E.


Virginia Beach, VA



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