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Re: IBC "Oops" (Was Residential Design Discussion)

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I should have said political opinions are like... If I invite someone into my home and if they begin to spout offensive political, religious, or racial opinions, they quickly wear out their welcome. On this list I try to comport myself as an invited guest and find it extremely offensive when others do not--regardless of their technical contributions. When Bill P. goads you into a political argument I resent him, not you. Since we seem to lack a list administrator, it is important that everyone observe common civil courtesy. If Bill P. can't understand that he should leave.

As to the code. If I have a simple rectangular structure with equally sized center wall and end walls I'm going to divide the load 33%-33%-33%. If you go 25-50-25 I think you are wrong based on all the testing I'm aware of. If you went 33-50-33 there's probably not a big cost difference. If I use simplified static methods, my client saves a little on design cost and has a safer structure--and my conscience is clear. I'm not aware of any engineer being sued over this kind of issue. The standard of care requires that we practice to the same general standards as the average practitioner. The code has some glitches, what else is new? If you can enlist some recruits in your crusade to fix it, god bless you. If not, try not to get vituperative about it.
Yours for a civil discourse,
Chuck Utzman,P.E.

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