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Enough is Enough

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I am deeply distressed by the acrimonious bickerings.

I second Bill Cain's post.

I was about to write expressing the same opinions he
did. But he beat me to it.

I earnestly appeal to Dennis Wish and  Bill Polhemus
to bury their hatchets, and light up their peace

This list is a valuable resource for all of us.
No one should leave. We should all try to expand it's

Let bygones be bygones.
Let's agree to differ in opinion occasionally.
Let's not ridicule others opinons.

We are engineers, not politicians.
Each of us is a  unique person.
Body chemistry and  mental attitudes vary.
We have no choice but to tolerate each other.

Leaving the list in a huff is no solution, merely
because one or two list members express themselves
strongly against you.

Dennis, I read all your long posts and will miss you
if you leave.
Please don't go.

Bill, I sometimes enjoy your brief one liners.But
maybe that's because I am not your target. Please cut
down on provocative statements. While they are often
entertaining, they can also hurt. You are other wise
doing quite well and your contributions are

If agreement is not possible, and this is clearly
established, I would simply say "I don't agree. I
stick to my opinion. I will say no more. The matter is
closed" and then quietly withdraw, and post no more on
the subject even if the other party keeps it alive.
The issue will die a natural death. All that is needed
is to avoid the temptation to have the last word on
the subject.

I hope none of you will leave the list and we will
soon be back to normal.

With greetings and best wishes to all from far away
G Vishwanath

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