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Re: Wood blocks

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        It would seem that you are doing this to reduce heat transfer through the base plate.  I went through this exercise many years ago and, for strength reasons, opted for a material called "micarta" (which I may not have spelled correctly) in place of wood.  At that time micarta was used in the electronic industry as a board for mounting electrical components because of its resistance to electricity and heat transfer.

        If I were using wood I would opt for plywood and I would require it to be pressure treated with preservative.  Regarding sizing I don't see any reason to make it significantly larger than the base plate.


H. daryl Richardson

John Nader wrote:

I am working on a Freezer warehouse.  We are required to place a piece of wood between the steel column's base plate and the footing.  The anchor bolts will pass thru it.  I am not sure on how to size this wood blocks pieces.  I am thinking 2" larger than the base plate.  This block will pass the load from the plate to the footing and can take the compresion load. Thanks in advance for you input. John.

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