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Acrimony Love that word.

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One liners are easy to say. They do not require much indepth thought. They are wonderful in this day and age of fast food, self gratification, do it because it feels good.

Long winded lectures are wonderful ego builders for those having their egos to sustain.

Serious mediation, negotiation, arbitration and arguments are difficult and arduous exercises.

My mentors would direct us to develop arguments on one side and present our cases respecting the other side as being as human as I and delivering as much omore respect than we demanded for ourselves. Then, we were required to switch positions and argue and defend the opposing view points. However, always remembering, we are all of one family. We are all in the same space ship traveling through this universe on the same trip. The destination or arrival is not as important as the manner in which we conduct ourselves on the trip.

One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears--by listening to them. - Dean Rusk

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