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Re: Unbonded braces

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General comments on BRBF design:
     - It is a good idea to require coupon testing of steel from the same
piece of steel that the core is cut from.
     - Don't forget to consider the maximum axial deformation that the
brace can withstand.  The core of an unbonded brace can only undergo so
much           axial deformation before the internal parts of the brace
contact and load is carried through the grout and HSS.
     - Unbalanced load calculations (for V or chevron frames) will still be
required because the compression capacity can be larger than the tension
     capacity.  (This is due to the friction between the core and the

Sorry, but I don't have any useful literature...

Mark J. Redlinger

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From: "vicpeng" <vicpeng(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Re: Unbonded braces

Thanks for your response Mark.

Yes, these are the braces I refer to.  I am studying the Japanese and =
English papers obtained from MCEER. =20

I am new to the concept at this time but am reviewing a number of =
sources.  I found your company mentioned in the Bennett Building (Salt =
Lake City) article recommending their use in the US.

Some comment on your experiences with them would, no doubt, be =
enlightening.  Maybe you have some papers or records on design/site =
issues etc?  If they are readily available, I would relish the =
opportunity to peruse them.

Thor A Tandy  P.Eng, MIPENZ
Victoria BC
e-mail: vicpeng(--nospam--at)

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