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Beam vs "Slab band"

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I've seen several projects where what appears to be a "beam" element is
being called a "slab band" by the designers.  

Has anyone else seen these?   
Are there any clear definitions of what is a "beam" vs a "slab"?

This so called "slab-band" is being treated by the design engineers as a
slab, from the point of view of fire protection/cover requirements, and shear reinforcement, 
although some nominal amount of stirrups are provided at certain "critical zones".

What I am seeing deviates from the "slab band" concept known in post-tensioning design, 
in that many of the "slab bands" are deeper than twice the slab thickness, and their purpose
has nothing to do with post-tensioning - as they show up on reinforced concrete slabs.

ACI and UBC appear to not have a clear "beam" definition, hence there is some difficulty
in applying the deformation compatibility requirements of 1921.7.  Furthermore, design methodology
is utilizing SAFE or Adapt Floor or Bommer Coleman's PT program which uses a finite element mesh
for design.

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