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Non-PE's Practicing Engineering, Does This Happen In Your State?

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I realize some SE don't consider residential to be actual engineering,
if you are in this group, my apologies and please ignore:

Here is Texas we get a lot of slab-on-grade foundation failures due to
the highly expansive clay soils. Every now and then I get a call from
someone who owns a home [who is willing to pay be exorbitant fees :-)
and I go out to look at a house that is allegedly having problems.
Inevitably, the owner has received a repair plan bid by the salesman at
the local foundation repair company. If accepted, this plan is put into
practice as written. Needless to say, these salesmen are not engineers,
yet I have seen custom homes larger than many commercial structures that
are being repaired based on the plan prepared by the salesman. It gets
worse when the homeowner challenges my opinions by referencing the
information provided by the salesman. Usually this is in the form of:

Eric: This house does not actually need repaired. You should monitor the
situation over the next couple of years to see if it gets worse.
Homeowner: But the repair company said it needs full underpinning! How
do I know you are right and he is wrong? (gee, I don't know, maybe if
you consider you are paying me $160/hour and they are here for free you
could figure out the answer yourself).

Does this bother anyone other than me?

Eric Green
- Speaking for me alone.

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