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Re: Non-PE's Practicing Engineering, Does This Happen In Your State?

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This the same subject and my "MD board doesn't care" thread.  While most states do not require a eng or arch to "design" or seal a house plan, the dividing line is usually prescriptive cook book code base design like wood floor joists and foundation walls verses non-prescriptive like steel beams and steel columns and footings.

It is these individual items that should always be under the design of a professional and most states support that in their laws.  Now try and get your State Board to stand up against draftsman, "designers" and steel suppliers, is an other story.  Your Board is most likely more concerned with collecting annual fees and piling on to any sap who gets nailed in a another state.  They regulate the regulated not the salesman, suppliers and local code officials doing anything they want in the own little fiefdoms.  Rant over

Jeff Fertich
Gettysburg, PA 

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