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RE: Moment Connections between WF's and pipe

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You won't find any canned procedures, but the fundamentals are in: 
Tubular Steel Structures, Theory and Design, by Troitsky, published by
Lincoln Electric.

If the wide flange shape is wider than the pipe, you could weld a thick cap
plate on the pipe, field weld the cap plate to the bottom of the wide
flange, and weld pieces of pipe to the inside of the wide flange that would
serve as stiffeners, and provide continuity of the pipe.  

If the pipe is wider than the wide flange, and depending on the reach, you
could weld a stiffener inside the pipe, and weld the wide flange to the
outside of the pipe. 

You could also weld a piece of rolled plate to the outside of the pipe that
would serve to strengthen the pipe wall to reduce the punching stresses due
to the moment induced force couple.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Please excuse this repost.  My original post had an erroneous subject
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> Is there a design procedure that can be followed for a moment connection
> for a wide flange beam to a pipe column.  The AISC "Hollow Structural
> Sections" manual has a wealth of info on connection to rectangular
> columns, but unless I'm missing it, it is silent on round tubes.  The
> safest way that I know of is to cut the pipe at the top and bottom
> flange and install thru plates (figure 5-13a), very expensive.  Does
> anyone know of any documentation on another way?

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