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Re: SE Exam

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Humility can be a very humble experience.  Just remember to find your way
home after the gruling experience of a 16 hour brian drain.
Samir Ghosn, PE
At 11:47 AM 10/22/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>      Well, Friday is my CA SE exam (1st attempt) and I have been too busy
>to study enough… (8 hours total prior to today – UGGGHHH!) 
>Anyway, on the board website, they list CBC Vol I as a required resource
>for the exam. I don’t have a copy of it nor do I have a copy of UBC
>Vol I, both of which are mostly non-structural code requirements. When I
>have used Vol I for structural, it was to look up the occupancy type of a
>structure because it can impact certain seismic criteria (i.e. importance
>factors etc…).  What are some other issues that are common in Vol I
>that could impact a structural design of specific elements. I would guess
>that there are some fire-related items and maybe something on quality
>control? If anyone could list some sections of VOL I they occasionally need
>to refer to properly design a structure or element of a structure, I would
>appreciate it they could share it with me. I’d rather not have to go
>spend another 150 bucks on a reference after spending over 500 dollars
>already in “prepping” for this test.  Good luck to any fellow
>test takers out there and to those taking the PE this weekend.  Thanks, 

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