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Gusset to Brace Connection

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In "Analysis and design of connections" by William Thornton and Thomas Kane, chapter 2, figure 2.8 Example 2 bracing connection design, depicts a "concentric" brace connection where the gusset plate is welded to both the beam and the strong axis of a wide-flange column. 
Considering the inherant rigidity of this configuration, I am tempted to think that stresses in the gusset plate arising from dead/live load beam end rotations should be accounted for, yet it doesn't seem to be addressed in the example.  Do we assume that yielding on the gross section of the gusset plate allows the required ductility and that moment restraint will not exist?  The question stems from a field "situation" where both the shear tab for the beam and the gusset plate have been welded to the beam web and gusset plate respecitvely.  I'd like to follow some reasonable proceedure for analizing the connection as-is and it seems like the end "fixity" (to whatever degree) complicates the situation.  The above mentioned example seemed like the most similar situation to compare and no mention is made of further consideration required for dead/live load end rotations.  Any suggestions on analizing this connection would be appreciated.
thanks for even reading this far...
Ken Marsh