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RE: Stainless Steel Prop.

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>I use 42 ksi yield and specify using ASTM A276 Type 304 or 316 depending
>on corrosion resistance required.  
A-276 specifies two grades. Grade A has a yield strength of 30 ksi for 
bars greater than 1/2 inch and 45 ksi for thinner stock. Conditions S and 
B are strain hardened and the yield strength varies from 45 to 100 ksi 
depending on the thickness. Extrusions and low carbon grades have yield 
strengths of 25 ksi.

A-276 covers more than a dozen types and grades. You might want to review 
ASTM A-276 so you'll know how to make sure you're getting what you need. 

>ASTM A276 is for bars and shapes. A479 and A240 are plates for things pressure
> vessels.
Typically for welded construction--these materials are supplied annealed. 
A-479 is in fact a spec for bar stock and includes bar cut from plate.

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