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RE: Pedestrian Bridge Live Load

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From Caltrans Bridge Design Specifications, April 2000
" Bridges for pedestrian, equestrian and.or bicyle traffic shall be designed for a live load of 85 psf. Check equestrian bridge for 0.5(H20) = (H10) loading.
For (LL+I), use group (I-sub-H) with Beta-sub-L = 1.0 (see Table 8.22.1A). Apply impact according to Article 3.8 Where bicycle or pedestrian bridges are expected to be used by maintenance vehicles, special design considrations should be made for these loads."
FWIW I just completed the design of an 80 ft single span bicycle bridge near SFO.  Our design live load was 100 psf plus a 3-ton vehicle per the project specifications.
Brent Koch
Koch Engineering, Inc.
Livermore, CA
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Subject: Pedestrian Bridge Live Load

I know that the AASHTO LFD bridge code specifies 85 psf for sidewalk loading (with reductions based upon span length) on vehicular bridges, but isn't there an AASHTO publication dealing solely with pedestrian bridges?  What LL does it specify?  I'm looking at a 70' span.
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