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RE: Flag Pole Footings.

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FWIW, that's what I would do (tie them together with grade beams)
considering the occupancy.

Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)

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||Are you sure you want to use the 2x increase factor if these
||"poles" are
||supporting a residence?  The resulting deflections might not
||be acceptable
||despite the footnote in Table 18-I-A about not being
||"adversely affected."
||Can you tie the base of the poles togefther a ground level
||with a grid of
||intersecting grade beams thereby achieving a restrained
||condition & utilize
||the corresponding Eq.6-2 ?  It wouldn't be a bad idea on many
||counts.  As
||you've found out (as have we all), Eq.6-1 gives some very
||large required
||depths of piers!
||Ephraim G. Hirsch, SE

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