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Ground Snow Loads

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The Arizona Snow Load study was done by H. M. "Mac" Elliott 
(mac.elliott(--nospam--at) following the devastating winter of 1967 storms.  
Even places like Flagstaff, Arizona, which at an elevation of 7,000 feet is 
accustomed to winter snow, had many roofs collapse that winter.

Copies of the Arizona Snow Load Tables are available at the SEAOA office, 
P.O. Box 18078, Fountain Hills, Arizona  85269.

Some of the information came from SCS snow courses, which have virtually 
disappeared now in Arizona due to budget cuts, and Forest Service reports and 
is detailed in the report.

I use the information contained in the Arizona Snow Loads Study when that 
information shows greater snow loads than the Building Official requires, 
which is almost always.  The Arizona study is based on a 30 year recurrence 
interval, and has to be adjusted up to the 50 year interval in ASCE 7.

A year or so before Arizona's snow load tables, Oregon produced the first and 
outstanding snow load study in the western states and set an example of how 
detailed snow loads studies should be.

Good luck on your work.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Kevin Thompson wrote:

. > I am a graduate student at the University of Idaho in structures and am 
. > currently doing research on snow loads for the entire state of Idaho. As 
. > part of the research, I'm investigating how nearby states have determined 
. > appropriate ground snow loads. I was hoping you could provide me the name 
. > of the publication(s) used for determining ground snow loads for the 
. > states of Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming and where I could obtain or borrow a 
. > copy. Do these states rely soley on information provided by ASCE 7-98? If 
. > so, what publications are used for design where "case studies" are 
. > required? Thanks so much.
Kevin M. Thompson

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