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Engineers versus detailers Part 1

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Seaint list memebers.

I am an engineer now involved in steel detailing.
In addition to this list I am also a member of a
mailing list devoted to steel detailing.

A member in the steel detailer's list
raised an issue regarding the common practice of
Engineers nowadays relying on "catch all" notes in
their contract drawings that make fabrication
needlessly costlier.

In particular the connections for beams with short
spans are needlessly expensive when the instruction to
design the connection for half the uniform load
capacity is taken literally.

Often it has been pointed out that Engineers do not
complete their work and use the shop drawing approval
process to firm up their incomplete designs.
Many pass the buck to the detailer when it comes to
indicating special connection requirments.

If web doublers or stiffeners are required, they do
not check it and expect the detailer to do so. The
detailer may not be technically competent to do so. If
he is an engineer, he may not have all the design
information necessary. Special details which should
have been shown in the contract drawings are marked in
the shop drawings during the approval process.

In the course of this thread, one engineer member
posted his views with which I agreed.

I will be grateful if those of you with interest in
design and detailing of steel structures can find the
time (later if not now) to read this and post your

I am prepared to send the complete transcripts of the
thread to those who request it. I had sent it to this
list and it did not get posted.
I received a message that it was too long to be posted
to this list.

I am therefore avoiding posting the complete
transcript and instead sending this mail and will
follow it up with another containing only the text of
the particular mail from an engineer member to which I
have referred to above.

I am very much interested in knowing the views of
other engineers on this seaint list.
I will compile them and post them back on the steel
detailers list.

G Vishwanath


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