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Re: Cross-grain Tension

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Hi Daryl.
Which handbook is this?  Is it the Wood Design Manual 1995?  If so, I chucked mine a while back.  Also if so, can you give me the section reference?  I see our buddies over the fence are suggesting 15 psi allowable (?) for radial tensions, which approximates (?) 20 psi (0.14 MPa) for limit states (?).  That is well under the 0.83MPa you suggested (?).  
What I am looking at is, restraint against the possible splitting at a support notch on the tension side.  Since the split would be assumed to be initiated by deflection of the beam, it approximates radial tension (?)  This is an academic exercise on my part which probably has no bearing on "real" life.  I like the idea of side plates if tolerances allow, or I've found (in my workshop) that (gluing if there is a real split) lag screws, or similar, across the split will often work.  I'm trying to make my findings "calc".  Hence the liberties.
BTW I have resurrected the Lorraine Bldg notes you sent me but found that the pps from Dennis doesn't work on my current system (it did before so I'm at a loss) so I am waiting for an update from him.

Thor A Tandy  P.Eng
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        The 1995 handbook page 525 lists specified strengths for fir and hem-fir (0.83 MPa) and for spruce-pine (0.51 MPa).


H. Daryl Richardson

vicpeng wrote:

I obviously haven't looked enough.  Does anyone have an ideas for (allowable) tension across timber fibres (for DFir in this case)? Don't ask why I want that!  I'm doing a "what if" or "how about" investigation that is taking me out to Mars and back :^) Thor A Tandy  P.Eng, MIPENZ
Victoria BC
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