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Seminars for CA Codes Effective 11/1

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There's still time to sign-up and attend three ICBO Los Angeles Basin
Chapter seminars related to the California Model Codes that will take effect
on November 1, 2002.  We are accepting major credit cards for class
sign-ups.  Go to:

Flyers, including detailed info about the presentation, instructors, cost,
etc., can be viewed on the same webpage.  If you prefer to pay at the door,
we ask that you still RSVP to the person indicated on the bottom of the
specific flyer and indicate the name of the person(s) that will be

When you pay via credit card, please indicated the attendee's name in the
"special information" field provided, PRINT a copy of the payment screen and
bring it to the class. 


Monday October 28, 2002 -  2001 California Building and Electrical Code
Class; Alhambra ($60)  NOTE: This class will also include highlights of the
Los Angeles Regional Uniform Code Program amendments.

Tuesday October 29, 2002  -  2001 California Plumbing and Mechanical Code
Class; Long Beach (1-day class, includes lunch, $70 if paid in advance)

Tuesday December 3, 2002 - ICBO Seminar 101 - 2001 California Building Code
Nonstructural Update; Alhambra ($60 if paid in advance)



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