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RE: single plate shear connection edge distances

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I asked Abe Rokach at AISC about that in July 1996.  He said it is not a 
code requirement that you use 1 1/2" but you should use 1 1/2" if you use 
the tables since the tables were based on tests using 1 1/2".

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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Subject:	single plate shear connection edge distances

 << File: ATT00037.htm >> I'm trying to confirm the plate dimensions to be 
used for single plate shear connections using 1" diameter bolts.  Table 
J3.4 of the latest AISC Manual page 16.1-63 (I'm actually looking at the 
LRFD 3rd edition - I can't believe it either) indicates 1 3/4" at sheared 
edges (1 1/4" at other edges) with a note that says 1 1/4" is permitted at 
the ends of beam connection angles and shear end plates. I assume that they 
really mean "shear end plates" and not just "shear plates", but could be 

The single plate shear connection tables for 1" bolts use plate lengths 
that assume a 1 1/2" edge distance in both directions.  Was the note in 
table J3.4 intended to include shear plates as well as shear end plates or 
is it OK to assume that plates are not sheared?  The problem is similar for 
the 1 1/8" bolts, but the note does not apply to 1 1/8" bolts.  The tables 
also indicate that they are applicable to short slotted holes.  For 1 1/8" 
diameter bolts in short slotted holes at a sheared edge, according to Table 
J3.4, the edge distance would be 2" and I would add 3/16" for the slot 
according to Table J3.6, resulting in and edge distance of 2 3/16", but the 
tables are using 1 1/2".  What is the piece of the puzzle that I am 

This problem came up because the software that we are using (Descon) does 
not allow us to use a plate configuration that matches the tables.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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