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RE: SE Exam

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The tank problem was a bit strange since it wasn’t a seismic problem and I couldn’t remember until it was late on how to get the force in the bolts from the I of the bolt group …  That last part was tough in my opinion… the wood portion was okay, but the masonry parts took me forever and I had almost no time to take on the concrete problem … but I figured I had devoted so much time to those last two questions I wanted to make sure they were as correct as possible. I was a little pissed at the steel because there was no LRFD choice on any problem. I was under the impression that the multiple choice would specify which method to use but the design/essay questions would let you use what you were most comfortable with – not the case – ASD in all the questions.


Yes, the angels are a great team. The giants are a poorly managed great team. Congrats to SOCAL we choked it away.



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I was caught of guard  with that water tank problem the rest was reasonable.
What about them Angles.....

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