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Re: Design of Anchorage to Concrete

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In general, the shear panel manufacturer is not privy to many of the project-specific details and has no input/control over the foundation design and installation.  We can (and do) provide you with the anchorage forces that are generated and give some options for anchor bolt selection, but the design of the concrete foundation is generally left to the engineer of record.  (As it is with Simpson)

Each manufacturer's code report and literature should be consulted to see how far they go into the foundation design.  Typically, other than example calculations, the design and testing stops at the concrete surface.   It might be worth investigating what anchorage design is truly provided by any shear panel manufacturer.  

Hope this answers your question...If not, let me know and I'll give it another shot.

Scott Soule,  S.E.

>>> VerneK(--nospam--at) 10/25/02 09:20PM >>>
Thanks for your response.  I met with an engineer at Trusjoist the other day 
she was the one that first brought this issue up with me.  I have one 
for you.  Why wasn't the entire assembly TJ shear panel + holdown bolts
tested together (i.e. Simpson Strong-Wall) and included as a whole in your 
ICBO report? ... rather than have the engineer design the bolts.  


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