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General Building Code Question

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This is a general question but I will ask it by giving a specific

IBC 2000 references ACI 318-99 for concrete design.  Does the reference
to ACI 318-99 mean that engineers are bound to using this specific
edition of ACI 318?  For most aspects of concrete design it does not
make much of a difference as to which edition of ACI 318 is used;
however sometimes there some significant differences between the new and
old editions that can have an impact on member design.

Here is why I am asking:

ACI 318-02 allows flexural tension stresses in post-tensioned flat
plates to be as high as 7.5 x (f'c)**0.5.  Prior to ACI 318-02 the upper
limit on this value was 6 x (f'c)**0.5. Since IBC 2000 specifically
references ACI 318-99, I am assuming that engineers are not permitted to
take advantage of the higher service level tension stress.

Am I correct with this assumption?


Clifford Schwinger P.E.

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