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Re: Monolithic Concrete Pouring

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This is probably not a "typical" construction practice but it can indeed be done.  Early in my career as a field construction engineer we had to pour three very large spread footings for a three legged microwave tower.  We dug the hole "neat" to the dimensions of the bottom footing then suspended from the top the center column formwork.  The trick was to start pouring the concrete first through the suspended column which would eventually built up enough resistance pressure at the bottom to support the wet concrete in the column.  The column formwork was designed to come apart for reuse on the other two foundations.  This method did save us a lot of time and went pretty smooth.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Dennis Del Villar" <ddelvillar(--nospam--at)>

10/28/2002 04:32 PM
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Can anybody please expound the meaning of "MONOLITHIC" concrete pouring?

We have a mat foundation of a 3-legged communication tower to be concrete poured. We plan to pour concrete on the mat footing first (60 cu.m.) then the pedestals ( 3.5 cu.m./pedestal) only after the footing had set for about 24 hours. But the client's inspector, in order to squeeze the construction schedule, insisted to have the foundation "monolithically" poured (i.e. concrete pouring of the footing and pedestal all at the same time without consideration of the initial setting). We argued that  this is not the standard practice in construction. Are we missing something here?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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