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Re: General Building Code Question

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I think the correct answer is "ask your building official".  On a previous project I sat down with the CBO and went through all the major code referenced documents.  They were very comfortable with the 1997 AISC Seismic Provisions including supplement #1 (#2 had not yet been issued at the time) and with the latest AWS D1.1 but they hedged with the latest ACI code.  They said we could use the latest ACI code as long as it did not produce any results that were less stringent than the earlier ACI code.  Technically you are bound by all the referenced documents as listed in the code UNLESS you can get an exception from the Building Official.

Thomas Hunt, S.E
ABS Consulting

Cliff Schwinger <clifford234(--nospam--at)>

10/28/2002 08:23 PM
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This is a general question but I will ask it by giving a specific

IBC 2000 references ACI 318-99 for concrete design.  Does the reference
to ACI 318-99 mean that engineers are bound to using this specific
edition of ACI 318?  For most aspects of concrete design it does not
make much of a difference as to which edition of ACI 318 is used;
however sometimes there some significant differences between the new and
old editions that can have an impact on member design.

Here is why I am asking:

ACI 318-02 allows flexural tension stresses in post-tensioned flat
plates to be as high as 7.5 x (f'c)**0.5.  Prior to ACI 318-02 the upper
limit on this value was 6 x (f'c)**0.5. Since IBC 2000 specifically
references ACI 318-99, I am assuming that engineers are not permitted to
take advantage of the higher service level tension stress.

Am I correct with this assumption?


Clifford Schwinger P.E.

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