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SE Exam - Preparation

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I am planning on taking the SE exam in an year in  SOCAL and would like to have some input from people who are in the similar process:
1.  did u take any review courses
2.  which review books were the most useful - I am aware of the Chelapathi books.
3.  did u buy all the reference books? - i want to slowly start buying some books/codes
4.  Any good website / web boards to get and exchange information?
5.  CODE: are the problems refereced from the CBC or the UBC?
if CA adopts the 2003 IBC then it when do u think the board will adopt this into the exam?
6.  does anyone have experiece with the board in trying to petition with the board to take the exam before the 3 year period from the PE registration?
You input will be much appreciated.
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Sent: Monday, October 28, 2002 1:32 PM
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Those last three problems were not bad just long in calc's.  I did not complete the wood or masonry entirelybecause that concrete problem was worth 210 points.  The other two were worth 220.  The detail drawings were worth 50% of the calc points. I read the question as the given loads were factored, but based on other peoples answers I should have multiplied the given loads by omega.  I had 11 # 11's at bott and 6 #11 at top from calc's . We were given a 24" wide beam.  I drew & called out 2 rows of 5 bars and 1 row of two bars.
Wrote that I should recheck 55" for d and the test ended with 5 seconds to spare.

I think we had a base plate design LRFD in the MC section of the test.

I started the brace frame problem up to finished sizing the TS8x8x.5 and realized that they were askinf for a special not ordinary...... recovered from that mistake.

Joe Venuti

Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA