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UBC 1633.2.5 clarification

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1997 UBC notes the following:

1633.2.5 Ties and continuity. All parts of a structure shall be interconnected and the connections shall be capable of transmitting the seismic force induced by the parts being connected. As a minimum, any smaller portion of the building shall be tied to the remainder of the building with elements having at least a strength to resist 0.5 CaI times the weight of the smaller portion.

A positive connection for resisting a horizontal force acting parallel to the member shall be provided for each beam, girder or truss.This force shall not be less than 0.5 CaI times the dead plus live load.

For a wood framed structure (R=5.5), with a drag strut or drag truss, would this minimum force include the drag truss or strut capacity, the connectors/fasteners, or both.  Can it be divided by 1.4 to get back to ASD level forces?


Thanks in advance,

Pat Clark, P.E.