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Re: Baseplate Anchorage

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I don't have ASTM F1554 at hand, but supplementary requirements to ASTM Specs 
are generally numbered.  I would specify the anchors as, "ASTM F1554-99, 
Grade 55, with Supplementary Requirement ##."  You can also personally modify 
any ASTM spec with your own requirements, if you feel up to it (and are sure 
that it will be provided).

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

David Finley wrote:

. > Roger,

. > Acutally they will be constructing a frame to hold the "new" plates in
. > position.  I agree with your concerns about stabbing anchors into plastic
. > concrete.  I also anticipate requiring c couple of holes in the baseplate 
. > to allow trapped air to escape and help ensure proper concrete 
. > consolidation.

. > I had envisioned endplates on the angles or channels - a similar concept 
. > to headed anchors.  If  I use anchor rods, I would probably use ASTM F1554
. > grade 55.  How is the weldability supplement speicified?  ASTM F1554, 
. > Grade 55 with weldability supplement?  or is there a slightly more formal
. > phrasing?  Of course, my initial concern was just how good a welded 
. > tension connection could be made between the anchor rod and the bottom of 
. > the new baseplate.

. > M. David Finley, P.E.

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