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General Building Code Question

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Scott Maxwell wrote:



>>FYI, ACI 318-02 has been adopted by the 2003 least that is what I understand.  I don't know what "tweaks" they >>may or may not have done, but they shold be rather few.


>>Regarding, the changed load factors and the unified design...using them with ACI 318-99 is not in violation of that code.  >>Those provisions ARE in the 1999 ACI 318 (and the 1995 ACI 318 as well), but are just contained in Appendix B and C.



They aren’t the same.  318-99 Appendix C had considerably lower phi (strength reduction) factors to go with the lower load factors.  318-02, in mainstreaming the lower load factors of ASCE-7, jacked the phi factors back up to previous levels, resulting in considerably less conservative designs.


Considering the rather pompous argument made in the last paragraph of the 318-99 Appendix C Commentary, I was very surprised to see the abrupt about-face 318-02 made in raising the phi factors back up to previous values.


Mike Hemstad


Saint Paul, Minnesota