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Re: Plotting General Notes

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You can blame Word for paper size. It has to do with your plotter driver.

 Thor Matteson at RSE <rse(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Thanks to all for the input.
David, we use pre-printed borders.   Never thought of making a border in Word, but Word would currently only let you make a border up to 22 inches by 22 inches--duhhhh--I wish Microsoft would ask HP how many large format plotters they have sold, seems like that's how many people might like to use 24x36 or larger paper!  (I have pointed this out to MS and HP, never heard anything)
Our plotter is "old", but will try looking for software/driver updates at HP.  Thanks, Milton!
Richard, thanks for the hint--will see how big Excel thinks paper can be.
I really want to keep away from inserting into ACAD before plotting.  Often need to tweak the notes, and once they are in ACAD they are just a bunch of letters, not a document that will automatically renumber headings, etc.
Roger--sounds like you have a pen-plotter?  Once the text makes it through the plotter buffer (15-20 minutes sometimes) it plots as fast as any other drawing.  But at this point we may end up putting $25 worth of sticky-backs through my laser printer and hoping they don't gum it up like they do our copier.

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