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Need Work

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I was discussing a question I had off the list with one of the list members last week.  He suggested I post my information and request on the list.  I understand there are other avenues for work searches, but if you will be patient and read this message you'll understand my request.
A few months ago I left a company after 8 years of employment.  The reasons why were understood by both parties and a good working relationship ended with all still friends.  My new employment moved me to a new state (about 1000 miles) and a new town.  Not only myself but my fience also packed up and made the move.  I learned after arriving at my new place of employment that my new employer was in deep financial trouble, and I was laid off after only two short months.  My fiance found a job in another town, and since we were both out of work we moved again.
Now that you've suffered through all that, I have been considering starting a little firm of my own.  I'm extremely nervous about doing it in a city in which I have no contacts and which I'm new to the area.  Stupid thought?  Maybe.  Anyway, with the economy as is, is there anyone out there needing some help on a sub-contract basis.  That would give me a period of time to start knocking on doors in the area without totally wiping out my savings account.  I have about 19 years experience with a weakness in PC and PT, but pretty good experience in other areas.  I'm licensed in a number of western states (sorry, not CA, but headed in that direction) as a PE.
I apologize for all this, but if any of you have an interest, you can contact me off the list.  Any other ideas will also be appreciated.
Joseph R. Grill, PE