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Re: Printing General Notes to a Plotter

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If it does turn out that Word doesn't let you print to a larger paper
size, then you can take a look at a pagelayout program such as PageMaker,
InDesign, XPress, or M$ Publisher.  They will likely allow you to print to
a larger format and should allow you to import in your nicely formated
Word document (although it would be just as easy to maintain the general
notes in the pagelayout program).  I did a quick check of Publisher and it
seems to allow me to set the paper size to 24"x36" (actually one of the
default "special sizes").  I cannot really test it beyond that since I
don't have a large format printer to print to...but it should work.
Pagelayout programs are constantly used for things like posters, banners
and other marketing type large format publications.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002, M. David Finley, P.E. wrote:

> I haven't thought of trying this before.
> Is your drawing border part of the Word document or are you plotting on pre-printed borders?
> M. David Finley, P.E.
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>   From: Thor Matteson at RSE
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>   Subject: Printing General Notes to a Plotter
>   We have our General Structural Notes nicely laid out in Word so that we can customize them for each project.  Trouble is, we have not found a way to satisfactorily print them on 24x36 sheets using our HP Designjet plotter.  I say "satisfactorily" because Word thinks the biggest paper made is 22x22--so we can fill up about 60% of a 24x36 sheet, with some adjustments to margins, paper orientation, etc.
>   Importing the text to AutoCAD is an extra step, and we lose all the formatting--indents, bold, etc.
>   Has anyone out there discovered a way to print to a full 24x36 sheet with their word-processing software?  We would even buy something besides Word if it would work (although Corel's WordPerfect 9 has a similar paper size limitation, so I am not too hopeful).
>   TIA,
>   Thor

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