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Re: UBC 1633.2.5 clarification

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I agree that the UBC Errata  (dated 3/30/00) changed the last sentence of
1633.2.5 from "0.5CaI" to "0.3CaI" and this has not been
picked up in the new 2001 CBC.

Correct or not, the code was adopted into law, does the law allow an errata list?

It may seem that 1.33*1.4 is close to 1.7, but it is common for force delivering diaphragms to be overdesigned. The collector is relatively brittle and must be stronger than any possible force delivered.

I disagree with the code "exception" for wood framing. Most plywood floors are glued to the joists. Many shear walls are over nailed by cautious contractors. Forces could be much higher than what is usually calculated. The wood "exception" is in the code and the law, it is allowed.

David Merrick, SE