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RE: Printing General Notes to a Plotter

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Thor, try doing this.
Go to the "insert" pulldown menu and choose OLE object.
Pick "create from file" and check the "link" box
Now browse to whatever your text file is.
Paste it in AutoCAD and size it however you prefer.
Plot like normal, except go into the properties box next to the plotter selection box.
Pick on "graphics" then on "raster graphics".  Move all the sliders over to the right for
highest resolution (or else the printout looks terrible)
You'll have to experiment to get the text size, ect how you like it.
Ron Buckingham
Medford Fabrication
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From: Thor Matteson at RSE [mailto:rse(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 9:33 AM
To: Seaint
Subject: Printing General Notes to a Plotter

We have our General Structural Notes nicely laid out in Word so that we can customize them for each project.  Trouble is, we have not found a way to satisfactorily print them on 24x36 sheets using our HP Designjet plotter.  I say "satisfactorily" because Word thinks the biggest paper made is 22x22--so we can fill up about 60% of a 24x36 sheet, with some adjustments to margins, paper orientation, etc.
Importing the text to AutoCAD is an extra step, and we lose all the formatting--indents, bold, etc.
Has anyone out there discovered a way to print to a full 24x36 sheet with their word-processing software?  We would even buy something besides Word if it would work (although Corel's WordPerfect 9 has a similar paper size limitation, so I am not too hopeful).