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RE: Baseplate Anchorage

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Calvin Lee wrote:

. > I understand and agree with your assessment of "stabbing" anchors into
. > concrete but this did bring up another concept that I haven't resolved for
. > myself. What do you think of pouring the concrete, "stabbing" the anchor 
. > but before hitting the concrete with the "stinger"? Does the "delayed"
. > vibration bring you back to a condition similar to having the anchor held 
. > in place before pouring concrete and if not, what am I missing or what has
. > happened that causes it to be different?


This is what I have observed when what you described is done:

Worker punches anchor into plastic concrete and moves it around until he 
thinks it is in the proper position and with the proper projection.

Concrete if vibrated to consolidate concrete around anchor.  In vibrating the 
concrete, the anchor is, (a) moved laterally out of position, (b) tilted, or 
(c) both.  Worker then comes back, moves anchor back into proper position 
and/or straightens the tilt and moves it up and down so that it has the 
proper projection.  It still ends up with voids around the anchor.

Concrete finisher with float floats the concrete around the anchor, making 
sure that he floats the concrete evenly on all sides of the anchor so that 
anchor doesn't move laterally during the floating operation.

Holes in base plates are burned larger because the anchor is misplaced, 
tilted or both.  Nut cannot be fully installed on anchor because projection 
is insufficient.

I don't think that I have exaggerated too much in the above.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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