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RE: ACI or CRSI question-answer center

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CRSI is much more helpful than ACI or at least they use to be. I haven't 
called them for quite a while.  The last number I have is 847/517-1200. 
 When I have called them I have spoken to an engineer immediately and  I 
have gotten an answer immediately - and at no cost.  I am a member of ACI 
and have asked them for help at times also.  There is more bureaucracy to 
get through at ACI - sometimes you can get an answer relatively quickly, 
sometimes you can't.  CRSI definitely has a more customer friendly 

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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 << File: ATT00016.htm >> I know that AISC has the steel solutions center 
and am very thankful for this.  Do any of you know if ACI or CRSI has 
anything similar?


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