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Re: ACI or CRSI question-answer center

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ACI will respond to technical inquiries.  They will typically not give you
are direct answer (i.e. do this, do that, etc) since they are not a
consulting firm, but rather will point you to information that will
usually help in either an ACI or other publication.  In otherwords, if you
want an interpretation of a code provision, don't expect one unless you
are will to pay to have the committee do a full blown code case...ACI
staff does NOT do code provision interpretations and even if they did (or
do) that will be the individual staff member's interpretation, not an
"official" ACI interpretation.

If you want to ask a technical inquiry, you can email it to
techinq(--nospam--at) or techinq(--nospam--at), you can fax it to (248)
848-3720, you can call (248) 848-3730 (although they prefer either by
email or fax and you will not be connected to an engineer if you call but
rather have your message taken for someone to get back to you on), or goto
the website ( and fill out the Techinical Questions form
(select About ACI then select Techinical Question to get to the online

It would not suprise me if CRSI and PCA also had some sort of technical
question service, but I don't really know if they do or not.  You can
reach PCA at info(--nospam--at) and CRSI at info(--nospam--at) to ask them.

Or you can always ask the question here on SEAINT.  As self-employed
engineer who also happens to be an ex-ACI staff engineer, I can probably
give you at a minimum a similar answer to contacting ACI will do, but
potentially can give a more direct response, although you do have to
factor in that you will be getting my opinion for what ever that was worth
(which is still what you would have gotten if I was still working for
ACI).  My only limitation is that I don't have all the access to the ACI
Journals and SPs that I did when I was at ACI, but I do have a current ACI
MCP (Manual of Concrete Practice).


Ypsilanti, MI

On Thu, 31 Oct 2002, Ken Peoples wrote:

> I know that AISC has the steel solutions center and am very thankful for this.  Do any of you know if ACI or CRSI has anything similar?
> Ken
> Kenneth S. Peoples, P. E.
> Lehigh Valley Technical Associates
> 1584 Weaversville Road
> Northampton, PA 18067-9039
> Phone: (610) 262-6345
> Fax: (610) 262-8188
> e-mail: kpeoples(--nospam--at)

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