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Re: How Strong is A7 Structural Steel?

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According to AISC's Iron and Steel Beams: 1873 to 1952, it depends on when
the A7 steel was used.  According to that publication, the yield strength
was typically 1/2 of the tensile strength with a "not less than XX" part.
Steel earlier than 1923 was usually given with it listed as 1/2 of the
tensile strength which was commonly listed as "Desired 60,000 psi" or
"55,000 psi to 65,000 psi".  After that, the yield was listed as 1/2 the
tensile but not lessa than XX, where the XX was typically either 30,000
psi or 33,000 psi.

The end result is the answer would be "kind of" depending on when the
steel was produced.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Thu, 31 Oct 2002, Tom Bodkin wrote:

> I am evaluating the ability of an existing roof to handle a new air handling
> unit.
> The old plans call the steel beams out to be 12 WF 27, 21 WF 82, and 24 WF
> 100.  The note on the old plans say O.H. Steel ASTM A7.  I seem to recall
> that this designation implied that the steel yield strength is 30ksi vice
> 36ksi.  Is this correct?
> Thomas W. Bodkin, E.I.T.
> Carroll Engineering Corporation
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> Fax: 215-343-0875

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