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RE: 3x single studs @ abutting panels

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I have always wondered about this issue, and have alwars aired on the conservative side and insisted on 3x minimum studs/sill plates.  This issue recently came up on a remodel job (on my own house, incidentally), and the comment I received from the contractor was by the time you get done nailing plywood to the two studs (with 8d's minimum -- usually 10d's -- on typically 2"-4" minimum spacing), then nail them together with 16d's, there's not much wood left in the studs after all the splitting.  We both decided it wasn't worth the risk and just used a 4x4.  FWIW.
Scott Maze
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I think the main intention of the code is to prevent splitting of 2x studs when nail spacings are closer and nail sizes are bigger at abutting panels. As long as the double studs are nailed properly to allow shear transfer from one panel to other, code intent should have satisfied. Just my 2 cents.

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In my neck of the woods, Seismic zone 3, the building department will accept
two 2x studs nailed together as an acceptable alternate to a "single 3 inch
nominal member" as called for in footnote 3 of table 23-II-I-1 for shear
walls with v> 350 plf. While this solution does appear to meet the intent of
the code, it fails strict interpretation. Any feedback is appreciated.

Nick Bingham

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