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RE: end plate tension splice design example

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>I have a client who would like me to design an end plate
>connection for a WT tension member.  The plates would be
>welded to the WT's and field bolted together.  I'm sure that
>prying will be an issue.  I don't think this is an ideal situation,
>but am trying to satisfy his needs.  I would like to know if there
>are any published design examples out this type of a connection
>(or something reasonably similar).  I haven't found this particular
>condition in any of the AISC publications that I have and am
>struggling with putting various references together into one design.
>I just wanted to make sure that I was not re-inventing the wheel and
>doing work that someone else has already done and published.
Catching up on some questions that have been stewwing in my inbox for quite some time....
There are some details of a similar nature for HSS in the AISC HSS Connections Manual. It would also be fairly similar to "half" the design of a moment end-plate connection for a wide-flange beam (the tension flange, of course). In any case, the basic approach should be fairly straightforward, including assessment of weld strength, bending strength in the plates, tension strength with inclusion of prying effects in the bolts. One caveat: make sure the distribution of the bolts around the tee is reasonable with respect to the centroid of the tee. We know from moment end plates that there are hot and cold zones in the welds depending upon the placement of the bolts (see the welding particulars in the moment end plate discussion in the Manual) and that some configurations of bolt pattern have an effective number of bolts less than the total number of bolts.