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Milton V.--re Plotting General Notes

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Why don't you set your printer (in Word) to your plotter?

I have printers set in WordPerfect that I don't have, never had and won't 
have, and I have plotters specified in AutoCad that I don't have, never had, 
and won't have, but that doesn't mean that I can't use them to input text or 
vectors.  (For example, I have a plotter, HP 75?? in AutoCad so that I can 
import HPGL graphics into WordPerfect.  I save the AutoCad drawing to a file 
using the HP 75?? as the selected plotter.)

Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Thor wrote:

. > I downloaded the current driver for the plotter and followed your 
. > suggestions, but still have the same problem with WORD. In the Printers 
. > window I set the default printer to the Designjet, set paper size to
. > Architectural D (24x36). In the ZoomSmart box I selected "fit to this 
. > page" and  Arch D in the pull-down menu. Then when I go to Page Setup in 
. > !$#@%%!! Word and try to set my paper size to 24x36, I still get a 
. > warning message saying: The measurement must be between 0.1" and 22" .   
. > I am using Word 6.0 on this computer  but I run Office 2000 at home and 
. > get the same message. However, this evening I will try Office 2000 in 
. > conjunction with the new driver.

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