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Drilled Pier Spacing

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I am doing a drilled pier foundation with grade beams in expansive soil. 
I typically don't do this so I am trying to find out some common design
practices.  Basically I want to know what might be the target spacing of
the drilled piers.  It is commercial construction.  What would be a good
first trial value?  I was thinking of trying to stay in the neighborhood
of 12 - 14 ft. o.c. and use 18" dia piers.  They need to go down about 12
feet into the soil.  Should I be looking at a larger spacing of 18 - 20
feet?  The wall construction is concrete filled foam forms.

The advantage of the shorter spacing is the system is stiffer with less
deflection, lower shear values.  The disadvantage is more drilled piers,
higher deflection and shear values.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!




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