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RE: ACI or CRSI question-answer center

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That warm fuzzy feeling is what I wanted.  Questions seldom come up until 
you need an answer.  I want immediate feedback so I can continue with the 
work that brought up the question.  The answers that you and others 
contribute on this list have confirmed some of my opinions and made me 
change my mind on some things and educated me on many others - they seldom 
come with any authority like a ruling from an ACI committee  but that 
doesn't bother me. I judge for myself whether or not to accept them - just 
like I did with the old ACI Committee recommendation to place a sand lift 
under a concrete slab on grade. I think it was only appropriate under 
special circumstances even though the committee recommended it for years 
until they recently reversed themselves.

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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To clarify what Jay wrote below...

What he states is absolutely correct if you want an "official"
interpretation of something in an ACI document.

On the other hands, if you want the opinion of an INDIVIDUAL who was
involved with the creation of that document, then members of committee's
can give their own opinion.  The key is that it is the opinion of that one
individual, NOT an official opinion in any way.  It may be that opinion is
correct and co-insides with what the official interpretation would be if
rendered.  The end result is that getting the opinion from an individual
committee member or an ACI staff member (or staff member from CRSI, PCA,
PCI, etc) may give you a warm fuzzy feeling, but it is more or less worth
what you paid for it (i.e. nothing) if you want to use it in any form of a
legal or substantive arguement.

So, to use Roger's example, the answer he got was only useful to give him
a warm fuzzy feeling.  Even though it came from a member of the 318
committee, it was not in anyway an official answer or a respresentation of
what was actually meant other than that individual's opinion.

FYI, ACI staff member when they do respond to technical inquiries will
sometimes contact committee members to see if one is willing to get an
opinion.  Not only does this potentially get a more authoritative (notice
the adj.) for the person asking the question, it can also point out to the
committee where there are some items of confusion that may need
clarification in the next iteration of the document.


Ypsilanti, MI

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