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Welding of Crane Runways

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Fellow engineers,

        Since Gary's question was asked on the list I consider it
appropriate that Bob MacCrimmon's answer (which follows) should also
appear on the list.

        I will undertake to forward any further comments by any of you
to Bob since he is not one of those monitoring the list.  Bob's work in
progress will eventually become a published standard, therefore, any
contributions by any of you will be appreciated very much.

Best regards this election day,

H. Daryl Richardson

Subject:         RE: Welding of Crane Runways
   Date:         Tue, 05 Nov 2002 08:47:57 -0500

   From:         "MacCrimmon, Robert A." <RMacCrimmon(--nospam--at)>

     To:         'Daryl Richardson' <h.d.richardson(--nospam--at)>,
                   Gary Hodgson & Associates <ghodgson(--nospam--at)>

Thanks for the info and copy of Chris Wright's comments. Chris has gone
into considerable detail. My understanding is that the starting and
stopping makes this a series of "E1". We design for fatigue by the range
of stress and the category accounts for the severity of the situation.
As for fracture mechanics, I don't think we have to get into that.

I think it comes down to fatigue and whether the weld is subjected to
bending due to lack of contact between the top of beam and the U/S of
the cap channel.

I wouldn't be too concerned in a crane class A or B type service, below
20,000 cycles, but I'd avoid the stitch welds beyond that. I am aware
that continuous welding can increase the tendancy for separation of the
cap channel but I
guess that's part of the price for this type of detail.

Please feel free to comment. I am trying to incorporate suggestions for
lighter duty service into the guide and in addition to Daryl's previous
comments, Gary has already given me several helpful suggestions.

One further comment is that to paraphrase, S16-01 states that design of
welds is to S16, W59 is for construction.

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