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frame drift

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i have a condition with a building with a 4" stone veneer on metal stud 
backup in seismic zone 4.  in the majority of areas, there is enough solid 
wall that i can utilize braced frames as the lateral force resisting system 
to control building drift.  

however, on some elevations of the building, the layout of the windows and 
wall openings is such that braced frames are not feasible, and i need to use 
moment frames.  (the mass of the building is way beyond limits of plywood 
shear walls and concrete or masonry shear walls in these elevations is not an 
option). the code specified drift seems excessive for a building with this 
type of brittle veneer. (results in "delta s" of l/480 deflection if consider 
R as 8.5 or even greater if i consider the braced frames in the building). 
veneer ties have some capacity to allow lateral deflection.  what would a 
reasonable drift limit be to damage in the veneer. i am inclined to use l/600 
max delta deflection based on code limits for support of stone, masonry and 
other veneer.

thanks in advance -

paul franceschi s.e.

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