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Re: Scanning for reinforcing

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It is probably easier to tell you what wouldn't work.  Radar (GPR) will probably allow you to find the wires,  assuming they are far enough apart to generate distinct signals.  It will tell you nothing about the condition of the wire, however.  It cannot even tell you that a wire is broken unless you happen to scan directly over the point where it broke.

Radiography (which actually uses gamma-rays, not x-rays)  would similarly help you find the wires but tell you nothing about the condition.  If you were directly on a break, it should show that pretty clearly.

There are a couple of German systems based on magnetic principals but it is not clear how accurate they are and  they have been used mostly on bars.  I think their accuracy on wires would be even more questionable.  You could probably find some information on this with a web search.

FHWA has done research on some massively expensive ways of determining the condition of cables in stay-cable bridges.  You could look at the FHWA web site for information but it would probably be cheaper to rebuild the building than use one of their methods.  

Gail S. Kelley, P.E.