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ACI & PCA Embedded Anchor Design

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I have a question regarding the design of anchors using PCA or ACI 318-02
recommendations.  I believe these are essentially the same.

The situation deals with anchors near the end of a wall with shear
parallel to the wall line.  Essentially the shear wants to push off the
edge corner under the anchor.

Eq. D-5 (ACI) & A-16b (PCA) is Vcb = (Av/Avo) * some PSI factors.  Av is
the projected area of the concrete anchor group.  Avo is the projected
area of a single anchor neglecting any edge distance.  It becomes the
value of Avo=4.5*c1^2.  The problem I am having is that as the c1
distance increases, meaning the anchor group is pushed further into the
wall, away from the end, Avo increase dramatically and Av increases
slightly.  So since Avo is in the denominator the allowable shear value
decreases as the edge distances increases.  This does not make sense to
me.  Am I looking at this situation correctly?

Thanks for your help.



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