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Re: ACI 318 - Defintion of Vp in Eq. 11-12 (Prestressed Concrete Des...

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You are missing the paragraph in the commentary that says:

In a prestressed slab with distributed tendons, the Vp term in
Eq. (11-36) contributes only a small amount to the shear
strength; therefore, it may be conservatively taken as zero. If
Vp is to be included, the tendon profile assumed in the calculations
should be noted.

It is always taken as zero.

I assume you are looking at the critical sections around the supports in a post-tensioned slab.  The tendon profile are usually very flat at these sections,  and furthermore the actual in-place slope probably has no correlation to what would be assumed from the post-tensioning installation drawings.

"Field adjustements" are usually necessary because of the pesky top steel that is where the tendons are supposed to be.

Gail Kelley